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Conflict You have to create interest in the audience , this way you will encourage the viewer to go through the entire story and have the desire to reach the end. 3. Characters The character will be the visible element that will undergo the change throughout the story caused by the previous element, the conflict. The character has to comply with a series of values ​​and characteristics rooted in the brand identity and the company’s target audience.

Plot The story must be given an order so that everything makes sense and is very clear. The most traditional order is that of; – Beginning : you introduce the characters and give context to the story. – Development : it is the place where the story reaches its climax and where the conflict comes into action. – End or outcome : The conflict is resolved and here the moral comes in.

Other storytelling characteristics to take into account are: – The product or service should not be the protagonist, but the message and emotions. – Leave the specifications aside and show the user experience. – Make the viewer feel identified with the story. – If you are starting out, do something simple, it will be easier for you to implement. – A language and tone according to the message you want to convey. Types of storytelling with examples Having seen storytelling techniques,

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