If, with a small budget to manage, he has to “cook a mess with an axe.” Ideally, the amount of payroll for the marketing department or agency bill should not excees 20% of the total budget. Therefore, all other things being equal, I think it is more effective to hire an average specialist, but at the same time give him a budget that is 4 times higher than the cost of his maintenance, than a highly qualifies specialist who will be able to manage only 25% of his own salary. The exception is GR, in which the interests of the company are lobbies at the government level. A good GR specialist is paid for a ready-made contact database. In this case, the specialist himself will be a walking promotion tool . When contacting an agency, there is always a fear of running into unscrupulous performers who extract money from companies, inflating advertising budgets, through which they receive bonuses from advertising networks. Such companies never take responsibility for sales and work solely on man-hours, and not on results.

sales managers are sometimes afraid of an influx

In addition,  of untargetes requests from a formal approach to promotion: from misunderstanding of the product to accidental registrations. Aktion Marketing provides a financial guarantee Argentina Phone Number List of results. Remuneration directly depends on the implementation of the plan to attract new clients. So, with an investment of 250 thousand rubles and if the KPI is achieves by 86-115%, you will pay only 37,500 rubles, and if the KPI is less than 85%, then 12,500 rubles. We also check leads for compliance with the criteria: when calculating KPIs.

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We take into account only users

Who have confirms real interest in the product or service. We at Action Marketing are directly interests in bringing you more high-quality applications. Implicit and optional Iran Phone Number List payments The price of one sale consists of the advertising budget, the work of an advertising setup specialist and the work of a sales manager. The big problem is the incompetence of marketers, managers and ordinary employees. Thus, marketing departments in companies often deal with matters that have nothing to do with promotion, for example, organizing corporate events, printing souvenirs, or ordering brands hoodies. This requires a lot of money and human resources. 

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