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A good thing about Kajabi courses is that you can either 

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Release all the lessons together, release them gradually , for example after X days that the student has signed up or unlock them only if a particular lesson has not been finished.Purchasing is also very simple. The integrated checkout allows your students to pay by choosing Stripe (therefore with any credit, debit or rechargeable card) or via PayPal.During checkout you can also create upsells, i.e. offers available only at checkout to add another product before payment.Unlike so many other online course platforms, Kajabi also offers an abandoned signboard recovery feature . This means that if a person does not complete the purchase, he will receive follow up emails, very useful for optimizing conversion rates.You can also give your students the opportunity to try your online school for free , for example for a few days, so they can touch your content first-hand.I also use this marketing technique and I assure you that after a free trial, the chances of signing up are very high.

Another very interesting feature of Kajabi is being able to create interactive

Coaching sections , really useful if you offer personalized one-to-one consultancy, which you can integrate with scheduling tools such as Calendly.

To create a new coaching session or session package. Log into your Kajabi member area and then select Products > Coaching and click Get Started .

Then complete with all the necessary information , such as:

  • The name of the service
  • The number of sessions and their duration
  • The description of the coaching program
  • The image and the thumbnail

And finally integrate everything with the information of the appointment . You can integrate Calendly but also use a personalized link, such as Google Meet or Zoom , or indicate a physical location if you prefer to do your consultations in person.

Through your dashboard, you will then have access to a sort of calendar USA Phone Number List with all the consultations booked and all the details of each one. You will also be able to share resources with your clients, track their progress and take notes on the sessions, so as to always have the whole situation of each individual user in mind.

And your clients will also have their own personalized dashboard. Through which they can keep track of all the appointments they have made with you.

phone number list


A unique feature of Kajabi is that you can create your podcast

Directly from your members area and track all your results from a single dashboard.

You can create a free podcast , useful for expanding your content and acquiring new Phone Number BR leads and new customers. Or create a paid podcast , reserved for your subscribers, to offer them a new way to consume your premium content.

Through memberships you have the option to offer your content by subscription .

It is a more sustainable business model because unlike single paid content. Where you constantly have to find new customers every month, with membership you can have monthly recurring income .

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