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Because a positive image of the company“influences the increase in sales by increasing the level of customer satisfaction and their loyalty, facilitates access to capital, attracts investors and potential employees, reuces the effects of competition, ensuring that the company achieves above-average profits. (Halina Wojnarowska, “Image and reputation of the company”) Company image vs brand image Types of image. The term image refers to a number of projects aime at creating the desire image of our entity in the eyes of the recipients. According to A. Figiel, in the book “Consumer ethnocentrism.

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Domestic or foreign products”: Brand image can be identifie as a set of perceptions that are consumers’ reaction to the brand. On the other hand, the company’s image is a composition of the company’s personality, arising from its philosophy, strategy, management style, reputation and behavior of employees and other company database representatives . Company image Image building is about how the environment, both internal and external, sees our company and how it perceives its individual activities. The image of the company consists not only of the image itself, but also of expectations, experiences and communication feelings relate to our company.


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The products and services we offer are also important. We recommend Creating a brand image – why is it crucial? The image of a company is a concept that applies not only to the external environment, customers, suppliers or the meia, but also Phone Number BR to the internal environment, primarily employees . Employees are a real pillar of the company’s image. They are the business card of the company and the first people in contact with the client. Therefore, their relationships with customers and management are also absolutely important. If work in the company is not satisfying or positive for them, they will present such an image of the company to the outside.

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