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The positioning is influenc by the content of the description and the extent to which it fits into the topic of a given topic (. whether it contains relat keywords – those that appear on other pages presenting the same product or not). To determine the optimal length of the description, it is worth checking how the competition fares in this light, what words appear on various pages from the top for a given product phrase (it is best to analyze it with the Surfer SEO tool). Google’s algorithm is a mathematical model that sorts pages bas on certain actions and priorities.

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If several subpages are built almost identically, have the same history, link profile, optimization level, the same keywords in the content, then the length of the content MAY be a factor that one of them will be in the search results above the other. However, this  is a purely hypothetical situation and it will be rather difficult to verify it conclusively. Instead of relying on the number of characters, you should rather focus on the content of the description. Does it answer all the user’s questions and whatsapp mobile number list dispel his doubts? Does it give him accurate product information? Additionally – is it properly formatt, has a clear layout, contains short paragraphs, bullets and bolds? The search engine does not reward descriptions only because they are stretch to several thousand characters – it is the content that counts.

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With A Lower Price From The Competition

If the description is useful for the recipient, it will have a positive impact on positioning. And here, however, we return to the length – to be useful, it cannot be too short. Otherwise, you will not be able to put comprehensive information about the product in it., should we stick to the fact that the description should be about words? I kind of answer this Phone Number BR question a while ago. Each case should be approach individually. At the same time, words, or about , characters with spaces, seem to be the optimal volume to describe the product in detail.

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