Companies do and exclusively with hot clients: regular ones and those who come on their own. Yes, the conversion rate from communicating with warm leads is higher: you don’t need to “sway” them, just remind them of yourself, for example, by announcing a discount promotion. But the question is exactly how many “hot” base the company has. This is her margin of safety. Everyone in the niche is fighting for customers, and without an influx of new leads there will be no growth. Companies with more effective marketing may be able to lure away some of your customers. Attracting a cold base and subsequently warming them is necessary in order to grow. But it makes no sense to use the same methods and techniques as in the case of those who are already familiar with the company and bought there.

Maintenance of  a budget

You can’t get away with just contextual advertising: you need a system, technology, the implementation and maintenance of which requires a budget. As practice shows, up to a certain threshold, the advertising budget will always be ineffective. It’s akin Spain Phone Number List to buying radio advertising. One- and two-second videos will never bring the desired effect. That is, in fact, this money will go nowhere. Same with marketing. Budgets are needed to build and operate a full-fledged system. In my experience, an effective advertising budget for attracting clients starts from 250 thousand rubles per month. This can be difficult to understand and accept for companies that have never spent money on promotion.

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Complaints about regular expenses

Therefore, from management are inevitable. In companies where there is marketing in some form, the “verdict” is treated with great understanding. It is important Canada Phone Number List to make a reservation here. A well-structured advertising campaign pays for itself. The money is returned in multiples. And as a result, it is more appropriate and correct to talk not about costs, but about investments in marketing. Step 3. Develop a website For a product or service, a team of marketing specialists develops and maintains a landing page. In this case, there should be a separate page for each product.

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