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Users can start their own in-app networks with regulations of their choosing. People can then join servers that are relevant to their interest mastodon local timeline relevant public posts on forum like twitter. Mastodon users can follow each other and engage in conversation with replies and likes. But unlike twitter. Mastodon’s newsfe is purely chronological no algorithm to appease here and currently has no advertising options. This could provide a challenge to marketers looking for paid-placement opportunities. But if you’re looking to reach a niche audience with some organic engagement tactics. The right server could be waiting there for you. Plus. Mastodon may also be a good place to do some social listening.

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Learn more about the up-and-coming twitter alternative. Mastodon. Here. Locket launch in early 2022. The locket widget is design to display photos from your bffs right on your phone’s home screen whether you’ve got an iphone or an android. Your pals add pictures using the locket app.

 And they’ll appear on your end business lead throughout the day. Developer matt moss creat the widget to share photos with his girlfriend. But the concept intrigued so many of his friends that he made the tool into a public app. Within a few weeks of its launch. Locket skyrocket to the top of the u.s. App store charts. With more than two million users signing up in just two weeks.

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Though it was develop as a bit of a micro-social network intend for engaging with your five or 10 closest friends. It recently rais 12.5 million in funding… so obviously. Someone out there in the business world thinks there’s potential here for branding. For marketers. The big lesson here is that there’s a growing interest in more personal digital experiences. 

And building quality Phone Number BR connections. Not just racking up huge likes. Tribal bills itself as a “bigotry-free social network where kindness and intelligence flourish” and is own by the activists rafael and omar rivero. Who run the news website occupy democrats. Tribal claim to have users as of October.

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