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That’s a dramatic increase over the subscribers it had in September 2020. And interest in substack is continuing to grow: substack represents a departure from many other social mia platforms. Which reward novelty and immiate gratification. Creators on substack typically produce long-form. In-depth written content. Which requires deep engagement with subjects and topics. Substack prides itself on deviating from the “attention economy.” each substack functions as a community for its audience. Who can post comments and interact with posts. Substack also represents a shift away from traditional publishing. As users turn away from larger outlets in favor of curating a personaliz selection of writers and creators. Its growing popularity suggests that. Despite rumors of declining attention spans.

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Users are very willing to engage in-depth. Quality content. Lemon8 lemon8 app user interface lemon8 is a photo and video-sharing platform that combines elements of tiktok. Pinterest. And instagram. Featuring content categoriz into six topic tabs: fashion. Beauty. Food. Wellness. Travel. And home. 

Unlike tiktok. Lemon8 uses a b2b email list pinterest board-style format. But it does include following and for you tabs. It also features more extensive post captions than tiktok. The app includes influencer ads and product recommendations. Which some have said makes it difficult to distinguish sponsor content but then again. Some like that the ads experience is not as disruptive as other apps. Memes are less popular on lemon8.

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As the platform aims to serve as a guidebook for lifestyle and aesthetics. Lemon8 is own by tiktok’s parent company. Bytance. And was launch globally in 2020. Techcrunch speculates that it was “quietly releas” on the us app store then but more officially launch in march 2023 meaning that bytance start spending money on advertising it to us users. As of march 29. 2023. 

It was already the number Phone Number BR most download app in the us app store. So bytance’s efforts seem to be paying off. As of the time of writing. Lemon8 is only available in the us & the uk. More importantly. Hootsuite’s extremely cool social marketing coordinator.

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