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Although traffic is still an important element to earn with a blog

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The truth is that there is no real proportion between traffic and earnings but your success once again depends both on the niche you are targeting and on the number of articles that you have published, and from your marketing strategy.

Indeed, when we launch a new project, we expect to obtain gradual but constant results . We begin to make proportions of the type:

  • If I wrote 10 articles and I have 1,000 visitors per month, then if I write 20 articles I will have 2,000 visitors per month
  • If with 1,000 visitors to the blog I get 100 subscribers to the mailing list , with 2,000 visitors I get 200 subscribers
  • If with 200 subscribers I make €300 a month, with 400 subscribers I will make 600 a month.

Unfortunately, however, things are not quite like that

I’ll give you some examples.

  • An old blog of mine was bringing me around €1,000 a month when I started to hit 50,000 monthly visits . Monetization methods used: Affiliates and AdSense
  • Another blog of mine has started monetizing over €2,000 a month with affiliates alone with just 10,000 visits a mont
  • The blog of a client of mine that I managed and who monetized with a clothing e-commerce managed to earn around € 20,000 a week (no, I was not wrong to write! ) with around 20,000 monthly visits .

As you can see, traffic and earnings don’t go hand in hand .

Increasing traffic is therefore good and right but also using the right communication, the right marketing strategy and the right monetization method are undoubtedly essential to earn interesting figures with a blog.

Which are the blogs that earn the most (and how much they earn)

But let’s get to some concrete numbers.

Here are the 2020 earnings of some of the major blogs both in Italy and abroad:

  • HuffPost earned $143 million
  • Moz made $47.5 million
  • TechCrunch earned $30 million
  • Cliomakeup earned 10 million euros
  • Benedetta Rossi earned around 200,000 euros
  • Andrea Giuliodori ( earned around 2 million euros
  • Salvatore Aranzulla earned around 3 million euros.

Interesting numbers, don’t you think?

There are many ways you can make money blogging . Before going into details, a small distinction should be made.

  • the earnings obtained through the blog
  • the earnings obtained thanks to the blog.


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