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Another way to increase your blogging revenue

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Is to treat your blog as a real business and not a hobby.

You can’t expect to be able to make interesting income if you work on your blog only when you feel like it or when you have the time.

Even if your blog is just a side business , give it a little attention every day , both to write new content and to analyze and optimize your project.

Don’t think that you have to work on your blog 10 hours a day. When the blog starts functioning and working autonomously, in fact, you will have much more free time that you can devote to further developing your project or – why not? – to enjoy life.

I’ll let you in on a secret : personally, I almost never work more than 5 or 6 hours a day on my projects. But I assure you that my earnings are more than satisfactory!

Don’t stop training

In every job we do it is important to constantly train .

And this is even more true in jobs that belong to the vast digital marketing sector, where speed is very high and changes are the order of the day .

There are many resources you can study to stay current:

  • take a good blogging course
  • study the best digital marketing books
  • read other blogs in your niche.

Because as I always say, those who don’t form, stop!

Test and optimize, always!

You’re unlikely to get great results on your first try


In fact, you must always test and optimize all aspects of your project.

Any examples?

Analyze your blog : what are the most read contents? Which ones bring more traffic? Which major conversions?

And after parsing, optimize . Eliminate what doesn’t bring results and optimize what works. Remember: blogging is 30% creation and 70% optimization!

Well, we have come to the end of this little journey of discovering blogger earnings.

So, to recap, how much can you make with your blog?

It depends on you, your niche, your communication skills, your blogging and marketing skills, your propensity to create a business.

It looks difficult? Well, in some ways it is. If it were simple, everyone would be a blogger, right?

But with the right dedication, the right optimism and the right desire to make it, you’ll see that it will be a truly incredible journey, stud.

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