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Are the Situations Subject to Stamp Duty

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There are two types of stamp duty payment methods. One is a fixed payment and the other is a proportional payment. Proportional payment is the amount determine by calculating according to the payment type specifie in the contract. The fixe payment is the amount to be pai in document types where the value is not specifie in the contract.

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How Long Is the Stamp Duty Payment Period?

After the stamp duty is determine as the amount according to the types mentione above, the taxpayer can pay the stamp tax by making a tax declaratio. Declarations are made from the tax office until the 23rd of the month. After the declaratio, the stamp duty payment must be made until the 26th of the month.

What Are the Situations Subject to Stamp Duty

When we say who are the persons liable to pay the stamp tax, institutions, legal or natural persons who sign a document that can be submitte are liable to pay the stamp tax. But there are some exceptions at this point. According to the legislation, official institutions do not pay stamp duty.

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Who Pays Stamp Duty?

People also wonder which transactions are subject Belize Business Email List to stamp duty. When we look at some of the papers subject to stamp duty at various rates, it is seen that;

surety bonds
peace decrees
annuity bill
wholesale electricity sales contracts
Installment sales contracts
Circuit and long-term vacation contracts
Guarantee documents
mortgaged debt
Subscription agreements

How to Pay Stamp Duty

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Documents related to natural gas sales to consumers
distance sales contracts
Concise declarations
Annual income tax returns
Insurance premium documents

What is the Reason for Obtaining Stamp Duty?

The purpose of collecting stamp duty may be a matter of curiosity for many people. The reaso for taking this tax amount is to ensure that the agreements Phone Number BR made betwee the parties are recorde in an official record. Documents and contracts that are subject to tax also have validity in the government office and the certificatio is made in an official way.


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