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Activities Database Marketing Manager. Requirements Years of experience in database marketing or a related field Marketing Computer Science Database Management or similar areas. Bachelor degree with rich knowledge. of databases and mapping software. such as tools for example. Analytical and. problem solving .High attention to detail excellent organization and priority skills and ability to work on multiple projects at the same time

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Excellent interpersonal skills Skilled use of analytical tools special data such as and email auto-responder database salary range of marketing manager. Database marketing manager salary depends on the following several factors — there education and previous experience Tools Defects Knowledge of Specific Industries Rising Company Size and Its Geographic Location. According to. the statement, the median annual salary for the position is .

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 Please review the table below to find out what database marketing managers earn in each city Top Entry Median Rank in Cities Top Database Marketing Manager in San Francisco, California is responsible for generating a marketing plan which should include customer and prospect Phone Number BR data from a variety of sources to create and update database records and reveal marketing plans. Database marketing managers use a variety of database software to manage data and track marketing campaigns.

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