Advertising books shed light on the increasing digital marketing and changing traditional advertising dynamics today. We have compiled 10 must-read advertising books for those who are in the advertising industry and researching marketing and advertising books.

Books that advertisers must read

Confessions of an advertiser is one of the best-selling advertising books of all time. In this book, advertising legend David Ogilvy shares his thoughts and advice on the advertising industry. This book serves as a memoir and guidebook combination that reveals the inner workings of advertising. Ogilvy shares stories from her career to teach readers how to win and retain customers, write persuasive text, and write a few words with strong imagery.

Confessions of a Advertiser – David Ogilvy

Many of these lessons from the golden age of Madison Avenue are still relevant today, as the meditations and mantras on these pages speak of key components of advertising. In Confessions of an Advertiser, David Ogilvy reveals many of his professional secrets, including how to get clients, write strong text, and climb to the top of a tree.


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Books Advertisers Must Read Confessions of an Advertiser


2. Copywriter’s Handbook – Joseph Sugarman

For those looking for advertising books, Sugarman is a legend in the US advertising world when it comes to copywriting. His texts manage to mobilize Haiti Business Email List millions. He gives seminars on writing in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

“Good text is the heart of advertising.” In this book, Joseph Sugarman, one of America’s top copywriters, shares his print advertising experiences and gives you copywriting tips that will work for you anywhere. He guides you every step of the way, from preparation to product and market research, from getting ideas on paper to editing. He gives many examples from his own texts.

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Books Advertisers Must Read Copywriter’s Handbook

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3. Breaking Point – Fatoş Karahasan

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