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How to Get a Financial Seal

What Does a Financial Seal Do?

The financial seal stands out as a result of digitalization. It is used to add security, privacy and security to companies, and it occupies an important place in companies’ transactions. For companies that want to obtain a financial seal, it is possible to obtain a financial seal certificate and immediately process it. The financial seal enables companies to carry out their transactions more quickly.

Who Uses the Financial Seal

Financial seal today’s e-transformationIt is indispensable for businesses under the name of applications. The financial seal ensures the confidentiality and security of all transactions made in the electronic Jordan Email List environment. In addition to security, while ensuring faster progress of transactions, important systemically facilitates are provided. The financial seal provides companies with the convenience of using corporate and electronic stamps. Considering this feature, it is also sai to be a type of e-signature.


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What Does a Financial Seal Do?

What Are the Differences Between

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Who Uses the Financial Seal?

Legal or natural persons can use the financial seal. Persons notified as authorized by the institution constitute the area of ​​use of the financial seal. However, if there is a change in the authorize persons within the institutio, the officials appointe instea of the relevant persons should be selecte in a short time and reporte to the authorized units.

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Who Uses the Financial Seal?

What are the Differences Between E-signature and Financial Seal?

There are similarities and differences between e-signature and financial seal. E-signature or electronic signature is an authentication system. The e-signature, which has the same legal characteristics as Phone Number BR a wet signature, proves that the person making the transactio verifies the informatio whe a transaction is made in electronic media. In our country, there are two different types of electronic signatures that have the same value as a wet signature. These signature types are: Corporate e-signature is the type of signature use by institutions and has the same legal value as wet signature. Individual e-signature is know as the type of e-signature used by individuals.


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