Mybodymoon, the French leader in hair transplants in Istanbul, had a website that was becoming less and less efficient. Several unsuccessful attempts with so-called “experts” and significant financial resources committed ended up deciding the management that it was urgent to set up a real digital marketing strategy. The WSI OBIWEB agency was selected to redesign their website and the IPP methodology was followed to the letter. A new site, new logo and new slogan based on the WHY, new SEO and SEA strategy made it possible to achieve the 2023 objectives: +30% qualified leads. The new WEBSITE received a trophy at the WSI Web Award .

Thales RCS, a subsidiary of the Thales Group

By holding workshops globally, Thales RCS was able to streamline its messages, leading to more consistent and persuasive presentations across its teams that they were able to integrate into the redesign of their websites in each region Email Data of the world. Devatec, a manufacturer of professional humidification solutions, following a website redesign, Devatec lost SEO visibility. By optimizing their digital marketing strategies and improving their sales arguments, they managed to increase their online presence and attract more qualified prospects.

Foxi Graph aimed to redesign their website to improve organic search visibility while controlling content updates. The project involved managing their site and digital marketing campaigns, resulting in significant improvements in SEO rankings and user engagement.

Auto France Parts needed a website redesign

Refresh its look and attract international partners. By focusing on a modern design and maintaining regular updates, the company now receives consistently qualified requests, showing the effectiveness of a well-executed digital strategy. As a growing Phone Number BR ESN in Paris, ABSIS Conseil needed a modern website to reassure customers and attract future collaborators. By using a systematic approach and ensuring autonomy in updates, ABSIS Conseil managed to improve its online presence and credibility. 

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