Differences between marketing strategy and tactics

These tools are necessary for effective website positioning in Radzymin. FUNKYMIA POSITIONING USA Funkymia positioningUSA. Is a company offering services in the field of website positioning in search engines. The company offers a wide range of services, including website optimization, link building, content optimization. HTML code optimization, image optimization and much more. The company also […]

Three pillars of business

BUZZcenter combed the internet and selected its. TOP examples of RTM from the country and the world Three pillars of online business. A book building the foundations of internet marketing “Three pillars of business on the Internet” by Ryszard Jelinek is an interesting and concise pill for active marketers, but also for people dealing with […]

They Do Not Stop There Because For Each

That is why it is so important to take into account ethical assumptions to avoid dirty tricks on the part of representatives. Due to its high social responsibility, lobbying is an early warning system about potential threats and problems that affect society, absorbing anxiety and tension at the same time. The basic activities of lobbyists […]

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What is ROI and how to calculate it? Investment in each project should entail accurate calculations of its profitability, if you want to be sure about the accuracy of the undertaken project. A useful way to measure the value of an investment is to calculate ROI. What is ROI? When and for what purpose is […]

Change With A Social Intranet In A Digital Environment

Fast Company  73% of social mdia users trust information shard through a personal account more than a work account. ( Social Mdia Today ) When purchasing new products, 74% of customers consider word of mouth – more than any other marketing channel. ( Google ) Consumers believe a company’s employees are 13% more trustworthy than […]

Are of particular interest to you

A situation where you want to buy. A new phone – it is obvious that you want to know something about its specifications. Easily do this through the search engine. To the conclusion that it meets your expectations, but there’s no point in judging a book by its cover (or a phone by its specifications […]

How much is the marketing budget

HOW TO USE CONTEXTUAL MARKETING TO INCREASE ENGAGEMENT? Contextual marketing is a marketing strategy that involves delivering personaliz ads and content at the right time and place. This is an effective way to increase customer engagement. Through contextual marketing, you can provide customers with content that is tailor to their nes and interests. This can […]