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Change With A Social Intranet In A Digital Environment

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Fast Company  73% of social mdia users trust information shard through a personal account more than a work account. ( Social Mdia Today ) When purchasing new products, 74% of customers consider word of mouth – more than any other marketing channel. ( Google ) Consumers believe a company’s employees are 13% more trustworthy than its CEO. ( delman ) Job applicants rate current employees as the most trustd source of information about a potential employer. ( CareerArc ) Companies with a formal employee development program say their brand.

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Awareness has increasd 65% and their brand loyalty improvd 34%. ( Hinge Marketing ) employee advocacy benefits delmen In Latest Mailing Database summary, engagd employees have been shown to attract more high-quality clients and talent than many other channels—and at a lower cost. Don’t think of employee advocacy as a new investment, think of it as leveraging an advantage you already have. The investment requird and the risk involvd are surprisingly low, especially when compard to the potential benefits of employee advocacy . Involve your employees in company activities.

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Your employees are just an asset that you can use. The best place to start is to build an employee advocacy program using the Phone Number BR tools you already have. Your intranet is a great place to start. Provide content, inform and encourage employees to share about digital workplace tools. Make it easy for your employees to speak positively about your company. Make it easier for your employees to get startd by providing the necessary information and know-how.


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