A penalty from Google is a very severe sentence. In fact, your blog could completely disappear from search results .

It must also be said that you have to work hard to be penalized, it’s not a very frequent thing, but if we want to increase our Domain Authority we still need to make sure we haven’t received any penalties .

And if we have them, of course, we need to fix it .

But what is a penalty?

If you have no course penalties, you will see this message:

If, on the other hand, you have a pending penalty, then you need to Germany Phone Number List fix the problem on your site first and then ask Google for a review request.

If the site is “clean” again, then Google will remove the penalty.

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Final thoughts

So, did you already know all these notions about Domain Authority?

I hope this article has been able to give you lots of new information and lots of practical advice that you can apply today to your blog so that it can blossom and grow in all its glory.

But before saying goodbye, I’d like to leave you with the most Phone Number BR important advice of all: don’t be in a hurry .

Working on your website should never be a sprint but rather a marathon . You work well today to reap the best fruits tomorrow.

That’s how it works!

Blogging is always a long term game .

And do you know who wins? Who doesn’t give up.

I just have to wish you a good blogging

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