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Photo What job offer do you want to publish? Step LinkIn jobs are screening questions. Similarly to the data contain in the personal profile, you can ask a potential candidate for additional elements, such as Experience ucation Location Tongue Certificates Visa status Experience in using tools Work permit Experience in the industry The fields are not mandatory however, if you choose to ask a question, the candidate must answer. There are also points of contact with user profile data, which will probably help the portal’s algorithms to match the right candidates with the job offer.

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Photo Additional questions in LinkIn work LinkIn work and finance. A novelty relat to job offers is also the form of settlement. So far, the option to publish job offers is to establish cooperation with LinkIn and purchase it for individual rates. Budget settlement is for a specific display of the offer to candidates. Currently, the possibility whatsapp mobile number list of setting a job offer from the level of the personal profile of the person who is the administrator of a given company page is very convenient. The publisher independently determines the amount of the budget he wants to spend on reaching the candidates.

whatsapp mobile number list

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LinkIn obviously suggests the optimal budget. Photo . Budget optimization At the end of publication, you can generate a preview of the offer and verify its settings. Picture . LinkIn job offer preview LinkIn has been regularly introducing small novelties and improvements in recent months. They are mostly relat to personal profiles, but it gives great hope that soon the obvious gaps will be supplement . Thanks to further new functions, LinkIn is gaining power and attracting an everwider group of loyal users. LinkIn events learn about the new functionality of the portal Events on LinkIn is undoubtly Phone Number BR a tool that many of its users have been waiting for.

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