Nowadays almost everyone knows what a is, right? But, what if you ask: What is not a ? What functions does this professional not have to perform? This already changes the perspective a lot and I think that many companies are not clear about their response. That’s why, in this article, I wanted to turn the tables and talk a little about what community management is not. If you have looked at the title, you will see that they have an error “Community Manager” instead of .

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As it is a criticism of the lack of knowledge of the functions and responsibilities that this professional must perform when managing the social networks company data of a brand or company. Similar to the post I wrote about the Personal Brand consultant , where people do not know what their functions are and what they can do for them. Nowadays, companies seek to gain a foothold in social networks, as they have seen that interaction with their customers through Social Media is a fundamental communication and marketing strategy for any brand or organization. But, knowing the importance of a good presence on social networks for their businesses, many of these companies are not so clear about who should be responsible for improving that presence, much less the functions and responsibilities.

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Charge should have. Responsible for managing the company’s social networks and social communication. So, since it is fashionable and everyone is hiring a Phone Number BR community manager. All brands or companies decide to hire their own, whether full-time or freelance. But, many of them forget something fundamental, before hiring this professional. Really knowing what a is . Yes, in the end, they are adapting and learning with our content, and we do not give them that information. Who is responsible for this situation? They? Us? Or both parties? So I have decided to provide content on what a is not, it may be helpful to many people and may define a little the functions that this professional has to perform.

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