Like, this is something frivolous that everyone does and requires a lot of spending. Why – if everything works like that. But this opinion is due to a misunderstanding of cause and effect. With competent marketing, the sales department will work many times more efficiently. Let’s analyze the most popular arguments against marketing and explain the essence of the misconception. “We are promoting through Yandex. There are sales. It’s enough promoting with the help of a single tool. Like shooting sparrows from a cannon, especially in the B2B market. All advertisements in the “context” are written according to strict requirements: for keywords, for the amount of permitted characters. And here’s an unpleasant discovery: your competitor, who sells a similar product or provides a similar service and who has set up contextual advertising, has, plus or minus, the same ad and display audience.

Impression is the result of a larger budget

The higher the competition, the higher the cost of a lead – up to several thousand and tens of thousands of rubles. Contrary to the assurances of advertising Thailand Phone Number List networks, money flows not from clicks, but actually from ad impressions. The ability of B2B companies to “target” their consumers in traditional advertising accounts is very limited. Thus, the narrower your audience, the more money you spend on non-targeted contacts if you limit your presence on the Internet exclusively to contextual advertising. If you focus on “interests” when choosing an audience to interact with, problems will also arise

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Medical equipment is offered

Thus, not only to specialists in government institutions and private clinics – that is the target audience, but also to a group of older people who simply France Phone Number List love to treat. They will click on the ad—and perhaps more than once. But private individuals do not  purchase expensive medical equipment. Budgets are disappearing. Proper setting up of advertising and manipulation of cost per click can reduce the share of non-target impressions, but they cannot eliminate, and in such narrow markets as B2B, the share of such non-targeted contacts will exceed 90% For most users, contextual advertising is information noise. 

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