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Act phase content embd on the site. Of course. we are happy to help with the necessary specifications (resolutions. aspect ratios. etc.). but you handle the script. filming. post-production. etc. yourself. We can customize the so-call hybrid model. e.g. by defining and building the necessary equipment for you in cooperation. which you acquire as your own.

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In addition to this. we design specific. jointly agre video templates. for example for organic TikTok or Instagram business email list Reels use. or an introductory video suitable for promoting a new product launch. Videos can also be produc as a completely turnkey service. in which case the print will certainly be professional and in line with your brand. The method of operation is of course the most expensive in terms of costs. but often also the most effective in terms of results.

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We prefer Rulla Mia here . their services to you as well. Regardless of the production method. videos should be design to serve several purposes. e.g. in different Phone Number BR aspect ratios (vertical 916. square 11 and horizontal 169) and in different lengths. In this way. with the same production inputs. more end products can be obtain and the characteristics of different channels can be utiliz in the best way. For example. for Story placements or

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