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Businesses that set up e-commerce sites promote their products and services to their target audience, usually through product photos, product videos and product descriptions. Since the first contact of the customers with the products they will buy will be realized through photographs, videos and explanations, these should be prepared in a professional manner. Otherwise, no matter how good the quality of the products is, the purchase will not take place if the photos that will affect the customer are not taken.

Generally, e-commerce companies take product photography to highlight the products and services they will display on their sites . While some brands shoot products professionally in a studio environment, many small and medium-sized businesses try to shoot product photos at home . Because shooting product photos at home will prevent the expenses of brands.


In this article called How to Take Professional Product Photographs at Home with a Mobile Phone, we will talk about important information for people and businesses who want to take product photos at home. You can also review our article so that you can learn more about product photography . Thus, you can do your own product shooting and avoid the expenses you will make.


What is a Product Photo?

Product photos on e-commerce sites are the name give to photos take to show customers the products and services that brands sell. Generally, product Greece Business Email List photos are photos take from the front, back, right and left sides of a product, that is, from every angle. In addition, product photos are a type of photography that shows every detail of a product.

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What is Product Photo

B2B Email List

What is the Importance of Product Photos in E-commerce?

We have shared with you before that product photos are very important for e-commerce companies. In this section of our article titled How to Take Phone Number BR Professional Product Photographs at Home with a Mobile Phone, we will explain the importance of product photos in e-commerce in more detail.

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