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This is very important. One of the problems with implementing security is completing it in the final part of application development. This method is not very efficient. These are the Dicoding team’s explanations of the most popular types of IT jobs. Hopefully the above discussion will broaden your horizons about your dream future

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decided to participate in this AWS scholarship program without hesitation. Virza carefully followed the learning process to compensate for his deficiencies. Materials with easy-to-understand analogies Apparently, Virza didn’t sign up for the AWS program empty-handed. He has enriched his various programming skills through self-study. All kinds of materials ws number list in cyberspace, from videos to documents on the AWS platform, are being devoured. Unfortunately, Virza’s path to self-directed learning was not smooth. The reason is that he feels there is no structured roadmap. Learning becomes immeasurable and directionless.   In Dicoding’s AWS Backend Developer Program provided a new perspective.

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Virza’s learning activities at Dicoding feels that his studies are going well. “How AWS and Dicoding Provide Learning Levels to Build Hard Skills There are many ways to develop hard skills that support better jobs. Here are some ways to develop hard skills Study.  Hard and study correctly As mentioned earlier, this hard skill can be learned . Through formal channels such as schools and Phone Number Br universities. However, you must study it carefully so that the results you get meet your requirements. Training In addition to school and college, hard skills. Can be learned by attending courses or training. The training is also easy for you to follow since a lot of it is online these days. Therefore, you can attend training anytime and anywhere.

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