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Effective integrated website, blog and landing page

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Another cool feature of Kajabi is the ability to create an entire website , fully hosted within the platform and with a free SSL certificate.

To create a website with Kajabi – and if you want, even the blog – it doesn’t matter that you have any kind of programming knowledge.

In fact, you just need to choose one of the many templates available or use the drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to create the site as you prefer by simply dragging the elements you want to insert on each page onto the screen.


Despite this possibility, however, Kajabi is able to host

Relatively simple websites and without the possibility of expanding their UK Phone Number List functionality through plugins. So if you need a more structured site, then I suggest you create it directly on SiteGround and instead use Kajabi only for creating a member area.

Instead, what I find extremely interesting about Kajabi are the landing pages , extremely elegant and professional.

And, more importantly, in my experience they are also capable of high engagement and conversion rates , especially if you also integrate advanced tools such as Deadline Funnel , a tool that allows you to create timers on your landing pages and push then to action by focusing on the sense of urgency.

Even for landing pages, Kajabi offers many different templates, all customizable

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Mobile app

Kajabi also offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices that allows Phone Number BR you to send push notifications to your students whenever a new lesson is released or a new discussion is opened in the community.

An excellent way to always keep the engagement of your users high.


If you wish, you can also create a dedicated registration page dedicated to your affiliates, where they can access their personal dashboard, acquire their affiliate links and keep track of the statistics of their campaigns promoting your product.


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