How expert Maxim Nakhabo, director of the Aktion Marketing project, talks about the basic principles of competent promotion on the Internet. Content Any company, regardless of B2B or B2C type, needs marketing as a full-fledged system for continuously attracting customers. Obviously, it is easier for managers to sell a product or service to someone who is prepared. They have heard something about the company, seen an advertisement, watched a presentation, or read a newsletter. The vast majority of B2B businesses, if they engage in marketing, do so either formally, “for show,” or chaotically, or not at all, completely shifting the responsibility for attracting new clients to the sales department. However, promotion requires effort.

Most rationally approach building a marketing system

I’ll tell you even if you don’t have one at all. Select an artist After deciding on the need for marketing in the company, it is logical to decide on who will handle Singapore Phone Number List promotion in the company. It could be: in-house team (own marketing department); third party agency. Both options have pros and cons. In-house team Having your own marketing department is good because: always “at hand”; the team deals only with you; it’s clear who to ask for the result; can be “loaded” with additional, non-marketing functionality. There are also disadvantages. Marketing departments in companies usually: are numerous, since we need specialists with competencies in Internet marketing, advertising setup and web analytics, as well as designers, copywriters.

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This means large costs for organizing space

As well as salaries and insurance premiums. They lag behind in terms of technology and tools, because they “cook” in their own juices. Without Brazil Mobile Number List receiving ideas from the outside. Rely on specific people: illness, dismissal or maternity leave of the “stars” jeopardizes all promotion. Underutilization is likely; Some tasks still need to be outsourced to a specialist, or contact an agency (setting up targeting or contextual advertising, copywriting, if such employees are not provided on staff). Agency Specialized companies that offer promotion services have more experience than in-house marketing departments.

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