“What position do you occupy?”, “Are you responsible for allocating the budget?” — questions will help determine the role of the interlocutor in the purchasing center model (A-factor) . Even if your interlocutor is not a decision maker (DM) or a buyer (an employee responsible, if not for the choice, then for signing the contract), it is useful to have an ally in the camp of a company that is potentially interesting to you – he will pass on information or share a contact. Even better, it will help organize a meeting with people who have the necessary authority. Finding a decision maker is an important stage of the sales funnel. “Let’s check how the key characteristics of the equipment solve the given problems.

Accurate determination

The customer’s needs (Needs) and persuasion to buy is the goal of the sales manager in the first stages of communication. Visual presentations and case studies  will be a strong argument. This factor is the main one in the BANT structure. In many ways, Iran Phone Number List marketing helps shape needs and expectations (for example, through content ). “When exactly do the machines nees to be installes and startes?” — the question will reveal the authority to conclude an agreement (TimeLine) and confirm the seriousness of intentions. Positive answers to all four BANT identification questions mean that there should be no obstacles to entering into an agreement.

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The situation is close to ideal

Then only the moment of truth is possible: either the signing of the contract, or failure. There is not enough data. What to do? In reality, leads rarely meet all the Lebanon Phone Number List elements in the BANT structure. But this does not mean that they are “bad” or “good”. Situations where there is a deficiency of one or two components can be turnes to your advantage.  it will just require more effort on the part of the responsible sales manager. And be mentally prepares: this won’t always work. Conversion from lead to sale is never 100%, but it’s never zero either.

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