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 Beliefs deeply root in the heart of Modernity and that the nascent last century, although already with a certain distrust, still preserv as a legacy of the Enlightenment. Born in Hungary in 1905, the journalist and writer Arthur Koestler was an exceptional witness of the perhaps singularly gruesome course that was to follow that century that gave rise to two world wars. Locat in a horizon in which hope for progress was declining, his work is representative of the somber mood that accompani the man of our time, shock by the social earthquakes that shook the foundations of the contemporary world.

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His biographical career, moreover, was rich in adventures. The one in which he was about to face a firing squad, without a doubt, had to be the most extreme. Koestler always exhibit a peculiar sense of catastrophe – in some cases, present b2b leads as a rare self-destructive tendency – that inclin him to always march in the direction of the very telluric center of events. He witness, as a child, with precocious fascination, the early debacle of the Hungarian commune, the one that for a hundr days dream of the building of socialism in that country.

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Very young, and after destroying his engineering student records, he embark on the adventure that years later would determine the birth of the Jewish state, and went to Palestine to carry out community work in a kibbutz, as an aspiring pioneer, imbu with the ideals Zionists. After this experience, which was disappointing for him, he convert to communism – yes, he convert: this expression, from what we read in his memoirs, is not figurative – and contribut body and soul to spreading the ideology of reeming collectivism. After fervently embracing the ideology of the proletarian Phone Number BR revolution initiat in Russia, and before the outbreak of the Second World War, he travel to Spain convuls by the civil war, in 1936, commission by the Communist International, with the purpose of gathering evidence about the aid provid by Hitler’s regime and by Italian fascism to the troops of General Francisco Franco.

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