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Would you like to know what the search trends are on Google? The terms that have grown the most during the year? Or know the most popular topics in the search engine? In this complete Google Trends guide I will explain how to find these answers and how to take advantage of this powerful Google tool. Nowadays, for the success of an online project it is essential to know what its keywords are, those by which users find that project, know the search trend of said keywords or make a comparison between several related keywords, to know why which ones to bet.

There are many

Tools to find the keywords that interest us for our online projects. Google offers us a few such as Google KeyWord Planer, Google suggest or Google instant, in addition to executive email list Spain. One of the most used is Google KeywordPlanner or keyword planner, and  Spain is a tool that complements the other very well, since it provides us with very interesting data on different keywords that the first does not offer us. For this reason, I have decided to write this article to help you better understand this powerful tool and learn how to search for a specific term and compare it with others, so that you can see the importance of knowing the evolution of keywords and their trends.

Google Trends Spain

Is a free Google tool that allows you to know search trends. In the search engine and the most popular topics. As well as the evolution of searches for a keyword during the Phone Number BR period of time that interests us. In addition, it also allows us to make a comparison between several terms and. Know what the search evolution of those terms is. With this, we can know which are the most searched or which have decreased searches.

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