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Here are the top 5 highest paying home jobs

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What are the best paying home jobs?Surely the highest paying jobs are the ones you do as a freelancer .I’ll give you a small example:if you want to work from home and earn 10,000 euros a month , it is more difficult to find a company that hires you for that amount, while it is much more likely to be able to earn it independently, for example with a blog.

  1. Bloggers . As we have already mentioned, a blogger’s earnings can be very high indeed
  2. Affiliate Marketers . Affiliate marketing is also still a very lucrative business. To optimize your earnings, the blog + affiliate combo is a really good job opportunity
  3. Web writers . Even writing articles for other blogs and websites we can earn important figures, especially if we have knowledge of SEO copywriting

Working from home: final thoughts

  1. Translator . Translations are paid very well, especially if you are a sworn translator. There are many ways to find customers. I’ll give you a little tip: the Facebook groups of Italians abroad, where translators are sought out constantly
  2. SEO specialist . Even SEOs have excellent annual earnings based on their skills and the results they can achieve. Let’s say that according to some statistics, the earnings of an SEO start from €20,000 a year and up.

Working from home is not like it was fifteen years ago, when it was something for a small portion of people.


With the advent of the internet, social media and blogs


working from home is now something that is truly within everyone’s reach .

Of course, the early days could be the toughest. Don’t worry about that, we’ve all been there

In fact, you will not only have to learn a profession but also learn to manage your time , your customers and to face all the obstacles you may encounter along your path.

But as you go along, everything gets easier and easier , I guarantee it!

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