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Another issue that people and businesses should pay attention to as much as Facebook sharing days is Facebook sharing hours . Because facebook usage rates intensify on certain days as well as at certain time intervals. For this reason, people and businesses that will share on Facebook should analyze the people in their target audience and determine the most accurate sharing time for Facebook.

People and businesses that will share on Facebook usually pay attention to posting after 13:00. Because the intensity of Facebook usage increases during these hours.
When the statistics of people and businesses sharing on Facebook are examined, it is observed that the click-through rates on the shares increase after 15:00.

Posting Hours on Facebook

For this reason, brands should set their Facebook sharing hours between 13:00 and 16:00. Thus, brands get the opportunity to increase their likes and interaction rates by reaching people in their target audiences more easily. People and businesses that will share on Facebook should be careful not to post at certain times while taking care to plan their sharing during these hours.

It is very important that brands do not plan their shares between 24:00 and 08:00 between Facebook sharing hours . Because it is known that Facebook usage rates are very low during these hours. For this reason, posts made between 24:00 and 08:00 prevent individuals and businesses from reaching their followers and target audiences.

Facebook usage density is very low between 08:00 and 12:00 as well as between 24:00 and 08:00. For this reason, the shares made between these Latvia Business Email List hours also prevent individuals and businesses from reaching the people in their target audience. For this reason, you can also take care not to post between 08:00 and 12:00 while you are sharing.

By paying attention to these, you can adjust your Facebook social media sharing hours so that you can reach people in your target audience more easily.

Posting Hours on Facebook

B2B Email List

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The Most Ideal Facebook Posting Day and Time

People and businesses that share on Facebook should share, taking into account the ideal Facebook sharing days and hours , when the number of views is high and interaction rates increase .

Considering the Facebook statistics, it comes Phone Number BR to the fore that the most ideal sharing day for Facebook is Thursday. However, for those who will share on Facebook, the ideal time for sharing today is between 12:00 and 13:00.



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