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How long does it take to start earning

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In fact, it is not enough to write a few short articles and wait for the earnings to arrive by themselves. You need to plan an effective strategy and do lots of tests and lots of optimizations.

And earnings never come overnight. It takes an effective strategy for the project to really start growing and monetizing.

As I also explained in the Blog Academy online blogging school , blogging is a rather slow online business model .

So if you are looking for quick and easy money, then blogging is definitely not for you. Many, like me, start their blog as a side business , i.e. as a secondary activity to complement a main job.

Then, when blogging earnings start to get interesting –

Often exceed the salary we earn

hen we can think about dedicating ourselves to blogging full time .

Always think of blogging as a marathon , never as a sprint. Let’s say we can divide the earnings of your blog into 3 main phases:

  • The first phase is where you build the site, formulate the strategy and start working concretely on your articles
  • The second phase where you start getting the first earnings and understand what works best and what is not working as it should
  • The third phase in which you analyze and optimize your results so as to perfect your online project and scale your earnings.

But how long do these phases last? Let’s go into more detail.

We have seen that the earnings of a blog do not come immediately. But then, how long does it take for them to arrive?

We must also answer this question with: it depends !

Let’s say that on average it takes between 3 and 6 months of work before you start seeing the first earnings . It also depends a lot on your skills and experience, as well as obviously on the niche you are targeting.

I’ll give you an example.

When I opened my first blog, almost 10 years ago, the first earnings came after about 6-8 months. This blog you’re reading, on the other hand, started monetizing after just a couple of months .

This is because my skills are much higher than 10 years ago and now I know right away how to create a new project and get it monetized faster.

Experience is important to creating a successful blog . The more experience you have with your blog, the more likely you are to be able to earn and – above all – scale your earnings.

How many visits are needed to make money with a blog

When it comes to earnings and monthly visits there is always a lot of confusion.

In fact, many marketers argue that the more you manage to increase the traffic of your blog , the greater your earnings will be . A linear proportion. To give a concrete example: with 10,000 monthly visits you earn 100 euros, with 20,000 monthly visits you earn 200.


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