How much profit have early investors made with me on Amazon

How much profit have early investors made with me on Amazon. For more than 4 years I have had the idea of ​​setting up a platform where investors can put money to invest in collectible products . Last year I made it a little more concrete with the idea of ​​starting an investment fund for Lego . At the same time my brothers participated in the experiment of being the first investors for it.

Investment results one year later

Investment results one year later I have to admit that when analyzing the results we detected several errors. In the registration process, the products were not assigned correctly, so we have not been able to email database correctly attribute all the benefits instantly. We are now very close to having the result but because of not having a correct and functioning process we have to walk the last few meters manually.

email database

Large-scale investor results

Large-scale investor results Anyone who has already studied the subject of investment once understands something very simple. It is relatively easy to invest one euro and get 10 but if you want to Phone Number BR replicate it with 100 or 1,000 euros it is more complicated. With a greater investment, the return decreases because with large amounts you can no longer achieve an ROI as high as with small amounts of money.

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