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Social commerce and e-commerce are intertwined today. Social commerce allows consumers to interact, discover and buy products on social media. E-commerce, on the other hand, allows products or services to be sold online over the internet. There are many similarities between e-commerce and social commerce. You can read about the concepts that come across as two fields that feed each other in detail in our article.

What You Need to Know About Social Commerce and E-commerce RelationshipSelling products or services online over the Internet is called e-commerce . In e-commerce, all processes take place online and in an online shop, buyers have the chance to choose their products as they wish. Business to business, business to consumer, consumer-to-consumer, consumer to business types of e-commerce are common today.

What is Social Commerce

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While social commerce has similarities with e-commerce, there are also different aspects. When we say social commerce, the sales made on Ireland Business Email List social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are called social commerce. In simple words, social commerce is the use of social network to conduct e-commerce transactions. When we say social trading types; video trading, personalized purchasing options, promotions, discounts or sweepstakes are examples.

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Social commerce is part of e-commerce because it involves selling products online. It is becoming more and more popular with both buyers and brands. Social commerce allows customers to interact, discover and buy products on social media without having to leave the platform. These technologies, together with a solid strategy for conversational marketing, are changing the way brands use e-commerce and opening up new possibilities for retailers.

What is the Relationship Between Social

B2B Email List

Social commerce is also a growing area of ​​commerce along with e-commerce. Due to digitalization, it is a necessity for brands to be active in every medium. Therefore, it is very important for brands to follow these trends.

become a fast growing trend

Effective in determining target audience

The targeting capability provided by social media is Phone Number BR essential and provides a first-class opportunity to identify the appropriate audience for the product.

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