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How to Bulk Product Upload in Trendyol

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You can upload your products in bulk with excel on Trenyol. For this, it is necessary to enter the bulk product upload & update screen. From this area, you need to follow the product – batch product operations step. When we say Trendyol product loading conditions, we have shared some steps that need to be done below.

Brand identification stepHow to Upload Excel Product

In order to upload your products to the system, your brand must be registered in the system. You can search whether your brand is in the system or not from the “Search Your Brand” field. If you want to enter a product with a brand that is not in the system, you must first define the brand in the system.

How to Upload Excel Product

Template download

To process your products in bulk; click on excel product entry. Templates allow you to do many things. These; Recently prepared excel templates such Nicaragua Business Email List as stock and price update, product information update, product deletion, product archiving/removal from archive, product lock removal, product feature information update, uploading excel to the system are uploaded to the system from this area.

template download


Excel product entry

In order to make product entry with Excel, you must press the excel product entry button from the product > bulk product transactions page from the vendor panel. Before entering a product, you should check whether your brand is defined in the system.

How to Bulk Product Upload on Trendyol

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In order to download one of the product templates mentioned above, first of all, it is necessary to determine the category and group of the products.

Select the sub-category you want to load and click the “Select” button. More than one category can then be selected. You can download excels in bulk by clicking the “Download All” button under the “My Selected Categories” heading.

When you request a download, you can see the excels under the “Downloads” heading, and click the “Download Template” button to perform Phone Number BR the download. You can enter your products in Excel from the “List Your Products Here” section.



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