How to File a Stamp Duty Return


The question of how to file a stamp tax return is also among the questions aske. It is a tax taken from papers that certify the validity of agreements and transactions betwee individuals and institutions. Stamp duty is pai monthly. The declaration is give on the 23rd day of the following month, when there is tax, and is pai on the 26th day of the following month.

Declarati is the name give to declarati made in writing about a subject. In other words, it is the process of declaring a subject to the person by the relevant institution, that is, informing. When we say what are the usage areas of the declaration; financial affairs, tax offices, registered trade declarations, seal declarations and signature declarations. There are also types of declarations prepare according to different usage areas. We can count them as follows; VAT declaration, annual corporate tax declaration, withholding declaration, provisional tax declaration, simple method annual income tax, stamp tax declaration and annual income tax declaration.

What is the Stamp Duty 2023 Rate

Declaration in tax offices; taxpayer is frequently use in declarations of debt made against taxpayers. The declaration is made Costa Rica Business Email List by hand, by mail or online. Whe we say the information that should be include in the tax declaratio; taxpayer’s name, address, tax office informatio, tax base and tax declaration.

The stamp duty rate is 144.40 TL for the declarations give to the municipalities and special provincial administrations and the insurance premium declarations give to the social security units. The stamp duty of the withholding declarations is 230,70 TL. For the corporate tax return, 393.90 TL must be pai.

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