To permanently solve the problem of the conflict between the two camps, it is enough to take two steps: Divide leads into groups (hot, warm, cold). Calculate how many leads and what quality the marketing department is delivering. To do this, group the leads that were passed on to sellers in the last month. Which of them turned out to be hot, what is the sales conversion rate? Which of them were warm, what was the sales conversion? At this stage, everyone is usually surprised that the conversion is not zero, and, therefore, by refusing to process such leads, you can easily lose in sales. Which leads do sellers call “bad” and why? Qualify them.

Analyze communication

How sellers follow up on leads. An effective way is to listen to calls . How do sellers start the conversation? If you lack qualifications, the dialogue Belgium Phone Number List will be standard, and you will lose a potential warm client if you start selling “head-on” . This only works with hot demand. With warm leads (you attended the webinar, asked questions, but did not leave an application) you should talk differently: find out whether the event was useful, whether there were any questions left – and only then offer the product. Difficult? It could be easier! The described procedure is extremely labor-intensive.

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Instead of paying for trial

Error out of your own pocket, you can delegate lead generation to professionals. The contractor Aktion Marketing, thanks to de-anonymization Canada Phone Number List technology, transfers the following typed leads to the sales department: hot leads (SQL); involved (SAL). Our marketers listen to a month’s worth of call recordings and help qualify leads. At this moment, the understanding comes that there are no “bad” and “good” leads. There are target and non-target ones, and among the targets there are different degrees of heating. Having distribution statistics by type and cost makes it easier to establish a constructive dialogue between conflicting departments.

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