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How to Prepare an Effective Product Promotion Video

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While some brands aim to sell their products and services to people between the ages of 18 and 24, the age range that some brands want to sell is between the ages of 30 and 45. However, nowadays, it is possible to say that while there are brands that select only men as the target audience, there are also brands that choose women or both women and men as the target audience.

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Before performing audience analysis, brands must first have knowledge of target audience types. Because the marketing and digital communication strategies of businesses change according to the type of target audience. The people who make up the target audience of a brand can often differ according to demographics, gender and interests.

What Are the Types of Target Audiences

Customers to whom brands sell products and services
Individuals and businesses that provide services and raw materials to a brand
Competitors of brands
Employees of the brand
Brand partners, dealers and owners

These are the types of target audiences to consider when performing audience analysis . In particular, the target audience types of businesses that carry out commercial activities are divided into two as internal target audience and external target audience.

The type of target audience defined as Denmark Business Email List the internal target audience is the people working within the brand, company partners and dealers, while the target audience type defined as the external target audience is the customers, the people to be reached and the competitors of the company.

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Performing Audience Analysis

B2B Email List

We have shared enough information about the target audience with you. In the continuation of our article, we will answer your question of how to do target audience analysis .

Individuals and businesses that want to make target audience analysis need to proceed step by step, and it is important to conduct certain reviews and research in this analysis process.

Getting to know existing customers
Define the ideal target audience
Audience grouping
Collection of target audience data

The steps are the steps that can be given to Phone Number BR the question of target audience analysis . Especially at this point, first of all, brands should give more weight to their efforts to get to know their current customers.


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