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Breaking Point reflects the impact of the pandemic on the business world, economy and marketing sector, based on the results of research conducted in the world and in Turkey. In the light of the reports of global consulting companies and trend analysts, it offers clues that will help us to perceive the new era.

faydalimarkastories brought together by academician, journalist and writer Fatoş Karahasan are an archive of the pandemic period. The book includes the works of companies that successfully manage crises for their employees, customers, society and our world, as well as the comments of our country’s leading non-governmental organizations about the period.

Breaking Point of Books Advertisers Must Read

Breaking Point consisting of up-to-date information, scientific data and insights to the managers of all companies, especially SMEs; It aims to give hope for a brighter future to entrepreneurs and young people who plan to enter the business world.


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4. How to Find an Idea – Jack Foster

“How to find an idea?” for those looking for marketing and advertising books. must be familiar with the book. We often think of creativity as something ‘personal’, ‘god-given’. However, creativity and divergent thinking are abilities that every person has. It doesn’t matter whether you are an advertiser whose job is directly linked to creativity or an executive assistant preparing and presenting various reports to the boss. Everyone needs creativity. Written in an extremely entertaining language befitting its subject, this book will shed light on you on the way to new, different and creative ideas.

Advertisers Must Read Detection Management

B2B Email List

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Detection Management – ​​Ali Saydam

This important book by Ali Saydam, which has been published nine times before, is an eye-opening book on public relations. When we list it among Phone Number BR the 10 books that advertisers must read, this book contains a lot of information that can be a roadmap for advertisers. The book of Ali Saydam, one of the leading thinkers in public relations in our country, is a bedside book for advertisers.



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