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How to work online seriously

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The only difference is that when you work offline, you have to go to a physical location, such as a shop, office, warehouse and so on. When you work online, however, your office is virtual . What this virtual office is, then, depends on the work you decide to do.

Leaving aside chores such as paid surveys, which make you raise only a few coins, or things like trading, which we hear about very often but of which if we are not experts we risk losing even our underwear, what is left?

A whole world, believe me!

Working from home with pc

As I anticipated in the introduction to this article, to work online you mainly need two things:

  • an internet connection
  • a pc.

Nothing more, nothing less.

You will then need to train and learn the job you have to do but you can learn this with time and experience. To get started, an internet connection and a computer are really all you need .

But what are the jobs we can do online? Let’s go see them together.

What jobs can be done from home?

If you want to work from home with a PC, you need to know that China Phone Number List there are many jobs that can be done.

There are mainly two types of online work:

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  • employee work
  • self-employment.

Employment is when you work for a company, just like offline. You have a contract, a bond with that company and often you can’t work for your own projects or for other companies, especially for competing companies.

This is what smart working means . As reported by the Official Journal, in fact, smart working

is a method of executing the employment relationship established by agreement between the parties, also with forms of organization by phases, cycles and objectives and without precise constraints of time or place of work, with the possible use of technological tools for carrying out of the work activity.

In this case, the pay is usually hourly and, even if the opposite is stated, you often have constraints on working days and hours, sometimes even very tight ones. If you’re luckier, however, you’re freer to organize your time and are paid based on projects or objectives.

But you can also work independently , as a freelancer, such as Phone Number BR freelancers, digital entrepreneurs or solopreneurs .

Instead, this is referred to as remote working .

With this type of work, you have much (much!) more freedom : freedom to work at the times you prefer, on the projects you like best and with the people you admire the most.

Earnings also tend to be higher and don’t have a maximum limit : in fact, they depend on the type of projects you follow, your skills and so on. This is the case for example for bloggers, freelance writers, web writers, affiliate marketers and so on.

Shall we go into a little more detail?

And then let’s go!

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