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and fearful of interacting with you. The next difference is that you can practice these hard skills to get better, whereas soft skills cannot. So, what are hard skills? That’s our discussion of hard skills. Hard skills can be explained as abilities that each person must possess to support the ongoing activity or job. You can learn a variety of hard skills such as programming, design, writing, data analysis, and foreign languages. There are many ways to develop hard skills, one of which is through formal education, such as school or college. This ability can also be trained in other ways, such as receiving special training, practicing regularly and continuously, and receiving constructive criticism and suggestions. 

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, he must learn e his own works and find a stable job. Allen realized that as an information systems graduate, he did not know enough to pursue a career in technology. Finally, he decided to join the numerous IT communities who introduced him to the Dicoding platform.Continuously build system security testing capabilities For developers, a deeper understanding of security ws database can enhance their role and impact. He can minimize security vulnerabilities in the code he writes. In addition to this, it helps other developers use secure APIs. Security-savvy developers can also help build a development culture that is more integrated with security. This is very important. security is completing it in the final part of application development.

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 This method is not very efficient. For automated testing activities, we take as an example when the application receives user input. Since all input must be suspect, the application needs to perform a validation process. To ensure that this verification process is implemented correctly and cannot be accidentally removed, developers can create unit tests. This Phone Number Br will reduce the burden on developers to manually test these protections. An ongoing threat model-style inventory also aids in code review activities. Code review activities are easier since the security checklist is built around the context of the change. When inspecting the changes that occurred (by reading the diff), code reviewers can focus on possible attacks in the context of those changes.

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