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Inbound Trend 2022: Hankins’ Hexagon

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Inbound trend 2022: hankins. Hexagon revolutionizes the funnel guido marabini – 10 march 2022 hankins hexagon after google publishe the research calle messy middle . Generating a lot of hype. A critical analysis began on the classic methodologies relating to digital marketing and. In particular. To inbound marketing. These new methodological theories almost always arise with the aim of helping companies in digital marketing and communication strategies . Even if sometimes – especially at the beginning – they risk generating confusion compare to now widely consolidate schemes. It is therefore good to focus on trends and innovations that have already passe the scrutiny of the market . 

As well as value judgments expresse by industry experts

 As in the case of the so-calle ” hankins hexagon “. Let.S try to understand better what it is. You might be intereste in: “Google.S messy middle revolutionizes sales funnel new database theories” go beyond the traditional sales funnel hankins hexagon according to the opinion of many digital marketing experts. The traditional funnel and the relate close phases tofu. Mofu and bofu are outdate . Regardless of whether or not you agree with the statement. It is good to examine an alternative model develope by james hankins . Calle hankins hexagon (original name: hankins hexagon). The theory is base on a scheme that identifies six recurring points in people.S purchasing experience. Reworking it in an original and exhaustive way. You might be intereste in: “How to develop inbound marketing strategies for b2b” 

The main characteristics of the hankins hexagon

Hankins hexagon what is it specifically about. We can talk about an interconnection model that allows the sales phases to be linke together in relation to the different Phone Number BR decision-making nodes. Unlike the funnel which has a beginning and an end . Along a vertical pattern. In the case of the hankins hexagon there are no preefine paths or directions . The consumer may find himself starting his journey in one of the six prefigure nodes. Then proceeing base on different triggers . Naturally. Some existing principles nee to be revive. Such as what is calle aida (attention. Interest. Desire. Action) which specifically studies the individual purchasing behavior of consumers. The hankins hexagon is characterize in particular by the fact that the paths differ according to the different sectors and market categories .

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