Increase the number and quality of backlinks

Increasing the number of backlinks is certainly very important but it is not only the number of links we receive that counts but also – and above all! – their quality.

What does quality links mean? Very simple.

quality backlink is a link to our website that comes from another website with high Domain Authority.

The more quality backlink you receive, the better your ranking will be.

The more quality backlinks you receive, the better your ranking will be.

Getting quality links isn’t always easy. Think about getting a backlink from sites like or . It’s not easy, let’s face it.

But there is a way that still works great to get quality backlinks: guest posts .

A guest post is basically an article we write for another blog .

By intercepting authoritative blogs in your niche, therefore, you can offer to write an article for them in exchange for a backlink to your site. with an advantage for both: a quality content for them, a quality backlink for you.

Create highly valuable content

I will never get tired of repeating it. Creating valuable articles is good for SEO, readers, the blogosphere and… even the heart!

Let me tell you a little secret.

Competition on the web is fierce. Because of this, good content has Greece Phone Number List become the new mediocrity . If you really want to stand out, you need to write great, highly effective articles that both your audience and the search engines love.

But how do you write an effective article ?

There are several ways. In my blog I talked a lot about this topic so I strongly advise you to go through all the articles carefully .

I leave you a short recap :

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Improve On Page SEO

In addition to writing engaging content that can entertain, excite or simply help and guide your audience, your articles will also need to be optimized for SEO , so as to be able to rank higher among Google’s search results.

And this is where On Page SEO comes in handy, i.e. the Phone Number BR SEO optimization we do on our individual content.

If you are looking for an in-depth guide to improve your SEO strategies , you can find it in Blog Academy .

But I’ll also leave you a small checklist to keep in mind when optimizing your articles:

  • Optimize your titles and descriptions
  • Correctly divide text into paragraphs (H2, H3, etc.)
  • Optimize permalinks
  • Optimize images and all other multimedia elements
  • Use keywords naturally, avoiding keyword stuffing , and also use related keywords belonging to the same semantic field as the main one
  • Add internal links, which are links that point to other content on your blog.

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