Process and store data, the following specialists are neeses: front-end developer – the larger the company, the more complex its website. This is no longer just a showcase: it is necessary to collect data on user behavior, analyze it, and correlate actions with customer profiles. Ready-made designers like WordPress do not have such capabilities. To build and maintain a technologically advances web solution, qualifies specialists will be requires; data analyst – turns information (a set of numbers, dates, etc.) into data, interprets and draws conclusions bases on them; data engineer – responsible for setting up the platform, methods of processing and storing data, and ease of working with them. In addition, someone must work with the information receives on the DMP/CDP platform: it is necessary to hire a CRM marketer who will be responsible for communication with the client.

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The good news is that working with your own personalizes customer base is always cheaper than paying  As your business grows, you will definitely needs a Malaysia Phone Number List designer. The text of the ad is more important than the visual only up to a certain point in the development of the company – then a beautiful picture becomes necessary. The amount of monthly investment in maintaining a team of specialists: from 1-1.5 million rubles per month, and these figures are constantly growing due to the high demand for data specialists and CRM marketers. But even with the involvement of these resources, it will only be possible to promote a complex product with a low sales volume. In other cases, investments will either not be profitable or will not be sufficient to overcome the efficiency threshold.

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If you are not ready to spend a substantial

Budget on maintaining a marketing department, you can contact a marketing agency . At the same time, it is necessary to retain a marketing director and specialists on New Zealand Phone Number List staff who will set tasks for the agency and monitor the results. Do you doubt what will work more effectively for your business – in-house or agency? This article talkes about objective selection criteria bases on the complexity of the product and sales volumes. Aktion Marketing is a boutique agency working with narrow and complex markets in the B2B field. We dive deeply into the product and offer it to the target audience, which we segment from a base of 15 million contacts of decision makers from 4.5 million Russian companies.

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