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knowledge First you must start

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 good technical knowledge so that your business can adapt to and even create new, more complex technologies. For those who want to hone their technical skills, you can study at Dicoding Academy. You know, there are various courses that can help you learn programming in more depth. Check out and register for classes now. Can work as a team But in business, collaboration between teams is the most important. You won’t be able to run your own business because you’ll need help, expertise, and ideas from a variety of sources. So whether it’s a small team or a large team, you have to be able to work well together in a team. Have good problem-solving skills As a technology entrepreneur

who has just started a business

 you may face various problems. So you must have problem-solving skills. High precision. Because as long as one wrong letter is written, it will cause problems, affect the program, and even prevent the program from running at all. Therefore, your accuracy will be honed over time. prospect Currently, the IT field is growing significantly year by year. When you have skills in the IT field, opportunities to find employment whatsapp database indirectly are also open. Wow, great, right? Programming languages you can learn There are many programming languages you can learn to create programs. Here are some suggestions for programming languages that are easy to 

teach yourself HTML and CSS Hypertex

t Markup Language or HTML and Cascading Style Sheets, abbreviated to CSS. Both are not programming languages, but markup languages used to create web pages. HTML is used to create the basis for the appearance of website pages and helps browsers display information Phone Number Br in the form of text or images. CSS is used to change the appearance of HTML, such as providing color, positioning, etc.You can participate in various trainings based on your interests Examples include programming, design, and cooking. Speaking of programming, Decoding Academy offers a variety of programming courses that you can take online.

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