It is impossible to gain weight if you don’t have enough calories. When there are not enough customers, the company does not fully utilize its potential for selling goods or providing services. As a result, “the body is malnourished” and the balance is upset. Normal investment in marketing Often. Business leaders have little idea whether they are allocating a lot or a little for promotion. There is a universal formula invest 2-4% of revenue in B2B marketing. If the marketing budget is lower, the company does not fully realize the opportunity, the sales plan sag, and the business does not grow, living off the existing customer base. And if investments are above 4%, perhaps some of the funds are being spent ineffectively or production capabilities are overloaded.

Deviations from indicators are possible

However, low marketing costs are possible if the company has nowhere to grow. A monopolist in its niche, occupying more than 51% of the market. Either Albania Phone Number List the company’s management is satisfy with everything, and there are no plans to scale the business. Startups invest 25% of revenue or more in marketing . This is also normal, since we are building a customer base from scratch, and we plan to work with them for a long time. And as you know, a new deal with a warm lead that has already been purchased is 10 times cheaper than attracting a new one. As practice shows, if you are a prominent player in the market, with a share of 5% or more, then for full promotion you need at least 250 thousand rubles of advertising budget monthly. 

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You can contact Action Marketing

Then in just 3 months they will develop a landing page for you to attract traffic, set up advertising in the Yande. My Target networks for India Phone Number List a target audience from a base of 15 million specialists from 4.5 million organizations. In this case, segments of the target audience of varying degrees of “warm-up” will involve. If they met with an advertising budget of 250 thousand rubles. The reward for our work will only 37.5 thousand rubles. Advertising budget The main goal of marketing is to ensure a meeting between the seller and the buyer. Moreover, by this moment the latter already consciously wants to buy the product. It’s your product. 

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