For example, a company invests 500 thousand rubles monthly in contextual advertising and receives 500 leads at 1000 rubles per lead. To increase the flow of customers, the company decided to double its advertising budget. But instead of the estimated 1000 leads for 1000 rubles, only 666 leads for 1500 rubles arrived. The ally will see a bug: as the budget grows, the company loses money. We wrote in detail about why direct advertising no longer works here . The ally will begin to look for a solution to the problem from professionals, without even knowing what exactly it is: this is how conscious incompetence manifests itself . An ally is a type of “transceiver”: he does not have full power to solve problems, like a decision maker, but he is also distinguish from a secretary – a real interest in solving the problem.

The composition of the purchasing center

Imagining a purchasing center with real people and understanding their motivations, it is easier to find the right way to interact with them. The decision maker is interest in ensuring that everything works after the contract. The buyer wants Greece Phone Number List confirmation of the effective expenditure of the budget , ideally in the form of tangible profit from every ruble spent. An uninterested “transceiver” (the same secretary) does not want to overload at the workplace. An interested “transceiver”, also known as an ally, wants to solve a problem and improve a business process . The user is afraid of change; and if they are inevitable, he wants the transition to  painless and comfortable.

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The LPPR may have his own interests

Demonstrate his own importance and competence, receive a bonus, improve his status in the company, etc. Here’s how to use this knowledge: the buyer needs to be convinced of the efficiency of spending funds; the user doesn’t care how much the solution costs – show him India Phone Number List how convenient the product is; the financial director, as a top manager, is not interested in the interface – he wants to buy it cheaper; You can make life easier for an uninterested “transceiver” by providing simple presentations or tables that can convey without further explanation.

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