L’Oréal’s Open Innovation program Beauty brand L’Oréal strongly believes that collaboration is the key to innovating better and faster . This is why the company has developed a program dedicated to open innovation through a series of partnerships with technology startups, which it uses to co-create the future of beauty. On the L’Oréal website it is possible to access the dedicated section and find out more about the initiatives and offers developed over the years, such as the skin aging algorithm which follows a dermatologist’s reference scale to provide a personalized care prescription of the skin. Furthermore, since 2018 L’Oréal has been the official sponsor of the global beauty accelerator, STATION F , through which it supports BeautyTech startups to offer new brand services.

The launch of Ray-Ban's first NFT glasses

Last October, the Luxottica group brand presented the first Ray-Ban glasses b2b email list  developed with NFT technology . It is a virtual product, designed by German artist Oliver Latta, known for his provocative 3D drawings. With the use of innovative technology, the brand managed to generate a media buzz in just a few days that involved consumers beyond the simple purchase of products. Ray-ban then hosted a digital auction on the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, donating the proceeds to charity.
. With this strategic move, Ray-Ban will be remembered as the pioneering eyewear brand of the NFT movement, and beyond. In fact, shortly before the launch of the NFT glasses, the brand had made headlines for its collaboration with Facebook, together with which it had developed Ray-Ban Stories : smart glasses capable of capturing photos and videos, sharing adventures and listening to music with just one click.

Prada invests in startups

Prada invests in startups For Prada, innovation is an integral part of the business model. Since Lorenzo Bertelli began to take a greater interest in the family business, becoming its head of marketing and communications, Prada’s innovative approach has radically evolved . Starting in 2019, when the Prada Group became the main partner of the FashionTech Startupbootcamp in Milan.
Strongly believing in the importance of startups as drivers of future development , Bertelli immediately showed himself inclined to create a digital culture within the company. According to Prada’s Head of Marketing, one of the biggest challenges for fashion brands is to integrate innovation with the physical retail experience. Phone Number BR  And digital native startups are able to anticipate the needs of new generations by integrating digital services with retail ones.

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