It can advertise on Trendyol by using four different advertising models . Before advertising, it is important for brands to know these advertising models well and to work by choosing a suitable advertising model.

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What are Trendyol Advertising Models


Product advertisement, which is among the Trendyol advertising models, is an advertising model in which sellers can highlight the products they choose within a certain budget. Trendyol algorithm helps advertise brands to increase their sales by showing their products and services to the right people in their target audience. Trendyol product advertisement:

What is Trendyol Product Advertising

Increases the visibility of stores.
Your sales will increase as your ads will be show to people with high purchasing behavior.
It can be pause and re-aired via the ad panel.

It is important for brands that want to take advantage of these advantages to advertise their products on Trendyol . Generally, product advertisements Antigua and Barbuda Business Email List continue throughout the advertisement period and until your budget is consumed, and generally, businesses prefer Buybox products in product advertisements while advertising on Trendyol . Thus, they get the opportunity to refine their sales more easily.

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You need to know that 30-day sales and viewing data is important in order to place. Trendyol Influencer ads, which is one of the types of advertisements. That cannot be used by anyone who starts selling on Trendyol.

If your 30-day sales and viewing data is deeme appropriate for Trendyol Influencer ads, you can use this ad model and enable Influencers serving on certain platforms to promote your products and services.

Trendyol Influencer Ads

B2B Email List

After your ad is approve in Trendyol Influencer ads. Trendyol determines the most suitable Influencer for you and directs your ad to this Influencer. Influencers promote your product and service with 1 Instagram story share. Businesses that will give this advertising model do not need to send any products to the Influencers they will work with.

10 days after the Instagram story sharing of the Phone Number BR influencers. The statistics (views, clicks, etc.) for your ad are share with you. This work is one that will always be directe to.

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