As well as testing advertising channels, formats and messages. One of the little known and underrated marketing tools is the Clickme platform. Margarita Bolshakova, a marketer for client projects at Aktion Marketing, shares her experience of using this advertising channel . Content Clickme is a platform for placing advertisements on the resources of and their partners. Using the service, recruiters publish vacancies, and marketers advertise products. In the first case, the clicker goes to another page of the same site, in the second – to a third-party resource. This is a relatively new tool in B2B marketing.

The functionality of the platform

Allows you to place advertisements: companies – on their own; marketing agencies – for several clients at the same time. The main advantage of Clickme for B2B is Brazil Phone Number List advertising placement, which provides direct access to the organization’s purchasing center . Not only applicants and recruiters visit (the application and desktop version), but also top managers who monitor the labor market. Aktion Marketing: attracting clients on a turnkey basis with a guarantee of results. The first , bureaucratic , is associated with the complexity of communication between company departments or between employees and third-party contractors.

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To work in Clickme

You need a personal account linked to the organization’s TIN . A marketer may have problems with this: in the account there are HR people who are reluctant to China Phone Number List share access due to the large amount of personal data. The main function of your personal account is, after all, to promote vacancies. The opportunity to advertise a product, service or content is an added bonus. The marketer of a company or advertising agency finds himself in a weak position here. Exit: negotiate with the company’s HR, strictly defining the scope of your activity in your personal account. When preparing for the launch, take into account the approval time. The second legal nuance is related to new requirements for advertising labeling. The Clickme service automatically sends information to the advertising data operator (ADO).

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